Lily Cheeseboard

Lily Cheeseboard Image

These cheeseboards double as hot mats or worktop savers. They are a very beautiful way to display cheese. They are also excellent when used as a hot mat for kitchen worktops.

They are 30cm x 40cms and are made of toughened glass.

LILY, LONGIFLORUM - This deeply scented flower is an ancient symbol of grace and purity. Greek goddess Hera adopted it as a symbol of marriage and childbirth. Its medicinal uses are few, but ancient Greeks pounded lily bulbs to a paste to make a balm for skin diseases.

Lilies come in many varieties, shapes and colours. The lilies in the painting are Lily Longiflorum, a highly perfumed variety of pure white flower heads with large yellow stamens. They thrive in the northern hemisphere where they are easy to grow, tolerant of most conditions and will bloom for years.

Also available in 'Parrot', Pansy and Hydrangea designs.

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