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Individual round, 30cm diameter melamine Table Mat, with a high gloss finish and velvet base.

Elegant, modern and dramatic, these designs look wonderful on a polished table accessorised with white or matching coloured napkins.

NB: 6 mats will come presentation boxed which makes a beautiful and original gift ...

PANSY VIOLACEAE - This is an ancient plant, found throughout Europe, Asia and North Africa. It was at one time, the emblem of Athens and was used, not only for the purple dye it makes but for medicinal purposes as well. In the middle ages, they used candied violets to make sweetmeats. The garden pansies in the painting come in a huge choice of varieties and colours.

There is a choice of 12 Table Mat Designs ... Pink Iris, Blue Iris, Yellow Iris, 3 Yellow Iris, Brown Iris, 3 Brown Iris, Pansy, White Rose, Zara, Butterflies, Hydrangea and Lily.

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