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There are 3 Iris designs available, Blue Iris, Brown Iris and Pink Iris. Each cushion is made from heavy silk crêpe de chine and measures approximately 50cm/17" square.

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BLUE IRIS, JANE PHILLIPS - (Temporarily Out of Stock) First introduced in the 1950's, this true blue iris is one of the most admired and popular varieties. It is robust and disease resistant and therefore easy to grow. It was bred by Dr Robert Graves, an American doctor who developed a keen interest in irises after returning home from the first world war. Sadly, the good doctor did not live to see the success of his flower, but I think he would have been pleased to know that Jane Phillips is used today by other breeders to develop other award-winning varieties.

PINK IRIS, SISSINGHURST MYSTERY - This iris grows in the rose garden at Sissinghurst Castle. The shape and style of this iris are traditional of cultivars bred in the early 1950's but its origin is a mystery as there is a body of opinion that it originated from America. It has the most 'ravishing' colour: salmon pink with a bright orange beard.

BROWN IRIS, LANGPORT TARTAN - This unusually coloured iris originates from Somerset. The nursery of its origin was first established in the mid-19th century by the famous nurseryman James Kelway, whose nursery was one of the first to use heated glass houses for nurturing fragile plants. Langport Tartan was introduced in 1972 and is an intriguing mixture of colours: pale buff with a pinkish base while the falls are deep pink and bronze. The petals have flecking which add to its interesting colouration.

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